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August 26th, 2015 | 1 comment

Have you ever walked into a staged home and thought, photo 5 (2)“Why did Ikea get to monopolize all the wall decor?” Not saying that assemble-yourself art isn’t a hoot, but we thought, “Why shouldn’t the art we bring in our homes, reflect the level of artistry we put into designing and building them?” This lead us to Bartell Drugs, where we found ourselves head scratching in front of the paint-by-numbers isle. pony friends forever, or puppies in an Easter basket? The stakes were too high and the numbers! Were these dimensions, were they to scale, who spec’d out the color selection?! There was truly no way to know so we thought best to consult an expert. Fortune had it, that our very own Build Urban neighbor was a painter, and she didn’t even use the numbers.

photo 1 (2)Build Urban is proud to announce that we have kicked off our new “gallery staging” this week, featuring works by local artist extraordinaire, Khristy Kim.  Ambient, our  project located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of Seattle, is our first home to bring in local artistry in a gallery-like setting that reflects, and celebrates, the design of the home. Khristy’s “bringing the wilderness to your walls” feel is the perfect, bucolic compliment to this modern craftsman home.

We are moving to incorporate more pieces by local artists in our homes. It is our hope that we can simultaneously support the creative community of Seattle and the integrity of our designs by inviting artists to show off their pieces. As each home we design and build is unique, the possibilities for new and exciting collaborations seems 4 (2)

Also, Artist Call! If you or someone you know is creating beautiful work that you believe might fit in a Build Urban home, write in to us with some pics or a portfolio link. Each home we build is custom. Bringing in a diverse array of works from many artists to echo the unique aesthetics of our designs, is the goal. If you’re more of a puppies in Easter baskets kinda of artist, that’s great! Hey you’re using both sides of your brain there. But you should probably drop by a Build Urban home to check out and support the numberless works of art from folks right here in your community.



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