Plant it in Seattle! Or don’t.

September 9th, 2015 | no comments


The first step is to plant yourself in Seattle. That is a no-brainer. We accommodate all types of human flowers, just pick your pot and bloom. Hey, you can even pick a Build Urban pot! Word is, they are the best around.

Okay, so you’re planted here, you love it, but what about the rest of the garden? Climate change… drought…  forest fires! What does that mean for planting, how do we factor all that into this fantastic nature stole for our home? If plant shopping for you is comparable to a preverbal toddler at a toy store, grinning and eh-ing! at anything that looks pretty, you’re like me! While your taste in carnivorous plants and Plumerias is admirable, no one wants to be garden cemetery shamed. And maybe, your lack of green thumbs is less about the timer on your sprinklers, or the pitch of your garden growing jingles, but really about the guest list of your garden party in the first place. Lets be adults here and make a plant play date with a real PNW green-thumber. George Lasch is the Northwest Perennial Alliance (NPA) Border Supervisor at Bellevue Botanical Gardens. If his job title wasn’t impressive enough, George has roots that go deep in horticulture, gardening everywhere from New England, to (old?) England, to the Midwest, and right here in Seattle. Lasch’s The Good, the Better, and the Ugly is a guide for best and worst plants, specifically tailored to the Seattle area climate.

767310_5_0Take a gander, give it go. Look at your thumbs. Any greener? eh, ehhh?!

For more resources on the green world, check out APLDWA for pro-tips, landscapers, and the newest green news for the PNW. Just reading about green making you blue? Take a stroll through the real stuff! Here’s some in your own backyard, The Arboretum, Bloedel Reserve, Kubota Gardens.

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