*”Very Sparkly, very twinkly”

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There is a long, on-going tradition in my family of quoting, and over-quoting, negligible  lines from movies then giving a sharp turn-and-point gesture which translates to “what movie?!”. It just so happens that the season of tradition is upon us, what some may call the HOLIDAY SEASON. Not that we are trying to get all Starbucks-holiday-cup-political, but for the sake of inclusivity, we’ll refrain from throwing any “reason to” out there, and instead just pose that it is dark. It is cold and it is dark. It is cold and it is dark and sometimes when people celebrate days that surround the winter solstice, they decorate. And sometimes there is a tradition of using lights to do that decorating. This time of year is stressful and staving off irreverence is exhausting. (see previous 4 lines) BU came up with a simple, comprehensive holiday light guide just for YOU! No need to get strung out this year over your lights…  Sorry. But actually this should be fun folks, remember holiday fun? Soooo, for the sake of holiday fun, and tradition, AND because I <3 my family,  there will be an integration of several “classic” quotes throughout this post all preceded by the holy glyph (*).  So come on in, *”wipe your feet!”, and get ready for a mental work out movie buffs!


Let’s tackle the BIG question first, white lights or colored lights.  This can be a difficult decision to make, white v. color says a lot about your personality. Who are you? Who are you really? Build Urban came up with a simple personality test to help you determine which lights will best suite your personality.


White Lights v. Color Lights Personality Quiz:

Which best describes you? Please pick one.

A) I like white lights.

B) I like color lights.


If you answered (A) to the above question, we recommend you go with a nice, classical look of white lights for your holiday season decor. You’re classy, you’re elegant, you know the true meaning of light, lets not beat around the Panotone color palette here.

If you answered (B) to the above question, we recommend you go with the rainbow of color lights. Why have one color when you can have ALL THE COLORS??? You’re a colorful person, don’t let your holiday lights strip that away from you!


Phew! Okay, the elephant in the room has been addressed. But *”Wait a minute, wait a minute! You Ain’t heard nothing yet.” Now, with your respective white or rainbow bio-luminescent elephant, let’s talk how to be cool and relevant in this modern, busy world.


You’re a modern woman, man, or otherwise identifying person, you’ve got many a modern thing to do. You yearn to be the cool kid on the block with the trendiest lights, but there you are with your hands tied up in all your modern hustle-bustle yelling *”I can’t put my arms down!” Fear not modern bustlers, there’s an app for that. Yes, the app elves have come to the rescue. There are now wifi-enabled lighting timers, allowing you to plug in and control your holiday lights from your smart phone. For bonus holiday cool points, customize your lights to change color, be timed to holiday songs, or flash with jolly effects. We recommend LumenPlay for you tech elves out there.

So you’re cool, you are color or non-color identifying, all that we have to leave you with now are some parting pro-tips.


  • Christmas trees, oh Christmas trees, joyful relics of the season. Well, Christmas trees are dead. The whole of the season is a Christmas tree open-casket, and you the mortician artfully forestalling the spoil. This is fine! It’s totally fine, this is a socially accepted tradition and everything is FINE! We only encourage you to be a responsible mortician and embalm (water) your dearly departed tree lest your tree become kindling and your cool holiday lights, the spark. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire is not appropriate for an open casket, and we recommend you keep the roasting in a more manageable location. For those without open fire places, we recommend you use your imagination and the Yule Log.
  • LED lights. The only question is why not? They save energy, they last not only through a whole holiday season, but SEVERAL holiday seasons, and unlike incandescent lights which can be burning scorchers of death, LEDs are cool to the touch. We believe in them so much, if there were LED holiday light stock options, you bet your mistletoe, we’d invest!
  • If you are an all-inclusive holiday celebrating household, good for you! Rock out with your Kinara/menorah/dead Christmas tree out! Here’s a tip though, mixing it up & together is beautiful, but we recommend you don’t put your kinara or menorah on, under, or anywhere in the immediate vicinity of you Christmas tree. Just take our word.


Friends, if you made it through the official BU holiday light guide, you may now wear the official BU badge of Holiday Light Wiz! *”Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!” Okay, there are no badges… BUT whatever be the festivity that calls for lights, Build Urban wishes you a happy and safe celebration. Remember, holiday cheer is plenty, but lights are enough.


“Classic” Quotes in order of appearance:

*Rain Man – “very sparkly, very twinkly”

*The Quiet Man – “wipe your feet”

*The Jazz Singer – “Wait a minute, wait a minute! You Ain’t heard nothing yet.”

*A Christmas Story – “I can’t put my arms down”

*The Treasure of Sierra Madre – “Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”







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